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The client required a realistic high quality renders for a Modular kitchen setup for Elica


We received modular kitchen setup images from Elica's studio as a starting point. These images were carefully analyzed to capture every detail. Utilizing Elica's catalog for reference, we crafted a detailed sketch in Sketch software, ensuring precise representation of the kitchen layout. Client approval paved the way for the next stage. We employed a time-saving workflow by concurrently tackling 3D modeling, camera animation, and look development. Our skilled artists meticulously constructed a 3D model of the kitchen, faithfully replicating every element from the initial images. Simultaneously, camera movements were planned and a visual style was established. Sample renders were presented to the client for feedback, ensuring the animation and look matched their vision. Once all elements received final approval, the animation was completed, and the final render was produced. Compositing various 3D passes added depth and realism to the final output. The entire project, from initial concept to final delivery, was completed within an impressive timeframe of 2 weeks and 3 days. Elica was thrilled with the final product, a visually rich and realistic showcase of their modular kitchen.


3D, Ad Film


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