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Greenpanel - The making of a environmentally friendly MDF


Content Factory


The agency wanted to craft a captivating 2D of how Greenpanel manufactures its MDF and they work towards decreasing the carbon foot print and not harm nature. They wanted a very different approach and were open for ideas.


Upon receiving the script for Greenpanel, we immediately recognized the opportunity to showcase their brand in a unique and engaging way. The client expressed a desire to move beyond typical vector animation styles. Inspired by a trending animation technique, we proposed a concept that would utilize the captivating "zoom-in" effect, transitioning from one detailed image to another, keeping viewers engaged throughout the video. Each frame would be meticulously sketched and painted, creating a visually stunning and artistic representation of Greenpanel's products and their manufacturing process. A blend of software programs would be employed to achieve the desired hand-painted look and seamlessly animate the individual frames. Our skilled artists poured their creativity into crafting over 30 unique, hand-painted frames, ensuring every detail of Greenpanel's products and processes shone through. Client approval at this stage ensured the visuals aligned perfectly with their vision. Once approved, the individual frames were meticulously animated and synchronized with the voiceover narration, creating a cohesive and informative explainer video. The entire project unfolded over a one-month timeframe, incorporating additional frames and valuable client feedback throughout the process. This commitment to collaboration resulted in a truly unique and effective explainer video. he final video surpassed expectations. The captivating hand-painted animation style grabbed viewers' attention, while the clear explanations effectively communicated the quality and innovation behind Greenpanel's plywood and MDF products. The client was delighted with the fresh approach and its success in showcasing their brand in a visually engaging light.




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