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Reliance Fresh 5% Campaign


Content Factory


The agency wanted to craft a captivating 2D animated video for Reliance fresh of their 5% off campaign. They wanted it to be quirky and 5% to be the hero of the film.


We embraced the client's desire for a non-traditional approach with ditching the polished look, we opted for a raw, unfinished feel with sketchy-style vectors, adding a touch of whimsy to the animation. Personified Discount: To further enhance the quirkiness, we personified the 5% discount as a character. This playful twist would instantly grab viewers' attention.  The animated "5" character would make a grand entrance, skateboarding down the red carpet. With a playful twist, the skateboard transforms into a giant percentage sign as the "5" character reaches the edge. The 5% character would strike a series of playful poses, showcasing the discount, before jumping off-screen and landing right inside a Reliance Fresh shopping cart. his quirky concept resonated perfectly with the client. Using a streamlined workflow, we were able to complete the animation within an impressive 3-day timeframe, incorporating client feedback along the way. The final product exceeded expectations, leaving the client with a smile of satisfaction. This unique and playful animation effectively highlighted the 5% discount on Reliance Fresh hero products. The use of quirky visuals and a personified discount character ensured the campaign stood out, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and potentially driving sales.


2D, Motion graphics


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